Phil Griffin, West Midlands


Issue 6

Nov/Dec 83

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You can't believe your eyes! Heading towards you is a huge army of giant red ants! They are moving much faster than you can run so the only thing to do is dodge out of their way. Best be nimble though for they will march faster and faster.

This simple game takes advantage of POKEs to the screen to move your character and the normal PRINT statement on the lowest line of the screen to achieve a 'scrolling' effect. The main playfield is in Antic mode 4 with the ants and your character redefined. This mode gives you the same number of characters as in Graphics 0 but has the advantage of colour giving much more impact. The movement is achieved by switching between two character sets which are moved into RAM and redefined in lines 5000 to 5090.

The game is played with a joystick in port 1 to move your character from side to side out of the way of the ants. There are three difficulty levels achieved by altering the speed of the "scroll' in lines 200 and 205. You score one point for each "scroll' you survive. You start with 10 lives. Good luck.

AtariLister - requires Java