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Issue 6

Nov/Dec 83


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A.G.M. - Please Attend

The A.G.M. of Birmingham User Group, an Independent Atarl Computer Club, will be on Thursday, 24th November, 1983, at 8 p.m., at The Matador, Bull Ring, Birmingham City Centre.


Nominations are called for the following posts: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and SIX ordinary committee members. Nominations shall be signed by two ordinary members of the Club and endorsed by the nominee. They must be received by the Honorary Secretary BEFORE 17th November, 1983.

Proposals for amendments to the Club Rules must be signed by TWO ordinary members and submitted to the Honorary Secretary BEFORE 31st October, 1983





For those who did not go, we actually arranged a coach trip down to London for the Personal Computer World Show on 2nd October. The show was one of the few to have quite a lot of interest for Atari folks and the people who went on the trip had a great time but there were spare seats on the coach. We have over 180 members and couldn't get 52 to go on a trip to the best computer show in the U.K. even with the promise of Atari's new range on show and at a cost barely more than the admission price. Those who went had a good time, but where were the rest of you?


PARTY TIME. This will be the last magazine before our last meeting of the year and as Christmas time is party time, we hereby announce our Grand Christmas Party to be held on 7th December. Prizes, competitions, etc., but let's have some help from you. Put forward your ideas and offer some assistance. Meanwhile, here is a competition for the night. A grand prize to the writer of the best program of a Christmas Carol for the Atari. Get writing.

We now have a magnificent notice Board for YOU to use. You can use it to swap public domain programs, find others with similar interests, start self-help groups or sell hardware but we do ask that you do not use it to sell software. Why? Because, as a Club, we are wary of piracy. Facilities exist to sell your software, have a word with Steve Gould.

Talking of piracy, did you know that Atari employ a full-time private investigator in the States, known to the community at large as Mad Dog! Once he sniffs you out he won't let go! Over here we are more civilised and hopefully Atari won't need to spend their money (thus keeping up prices) on private eyes. Or will they? One or two members have been seen with long lists of software for 'trade' and some have brought copies of commercial programs to the Club on blank disks. Let's repeat our position - it's in the constitution - BUG will not tolerate piracy in any form and we ask members not to put themselves in a position to risk expulsion from the Club. Do you know why Atari won't let User Groups have software for demonstration? They are worried about pirating. BUG, as a Club, does not support piracy and the committee asks each and every member to use their common sense and help stamp it out.