Issue 31

Jan/Feb 88

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Well, this is our third issue on the newsstands but such are the vagaries of the news business that we still don't know exactly how many of the first issue we sold! We are proud to be dedicated to Atari and I am not interested in producing magazines for other, lesser, computers but one of the problems of being an independent publisher with only one title is that you need to do more to cut out the inevitable wastage and make sure that the magazine is reaching the right outlets where it will sell and not lay on shelves unseen and unsold. Unlike others we don't have another title like Computerised Fish Breeder to fall back on (not that I would want to fall back on that!). Many readers have been reporting the progress of sales in their local area by passing comment but it is, in fact, beneficial to us if you can let us know of any major newsagents who either do not stock the magazine or who sell out. It is not possible, or indeed sensible, to get the magazine into every small newsagent but it is quite important to make sure that we know where the magazine is selling well so that we can ensure that our distributors get more copies to those outlets. If you find a shop that has sold out of PAGE 6, ask them how many copies they had and then drop us a line or give us a ring, it will help us and it will help you.

One of the benefits of getting the sales settled is that we can make decisions about whether to put extra pages in the magazine when needs be. For instance we had far too much material for this issue and would have liked to have put in an extra eight pages as a Christmas bonus but until our newsstand sales have settled down it would be foolish to gamble. So you see, if you keep us informed, we might be able to keep you even more informed about what interests us all, Atari computing.


Regular readers will know that we occasionally put out pleas to readers for programs and articles to keep the quality of PAGE 6 up to scratch and somewhere in this issue you will find an 'advert' offering you money in exchange for programs! If you are new to PAGE 6 you might be interested to hear what sort of programs and articles we like. As far as programs go, we will consider any type of program that uses the Atari's unique abilities well be it a game, utility, business, application or whatever. If you find it interesting enough to write, then others may also find it interesting to type in and use. Articles likewise. If there is any subject to do with Atari that you think you know well and find very interesting, then write about it. We have always preferred our contributors to write 'from the heart' rather than be commissioned to write 1000 words on such-and-such as we believe that that is what gives PAGE 6 more depth than other magazines.

Don't be afraid to send a program or article to us. If we can't use it you will only get a rejection slip with a polite thank you for the submission, nothing more sinister! And we are quite happy to see stuff that other magazines have rejected because quite often they reject things simply because they don't know enough about Atari! Some of the best listings from past issues of PAGE 6 have been rejected by some of the 'top' magazines. It is often our, and your, good fortune that they seem not to understand just what a great computer an Atari really is!


This one marks the passing of yet another year. To all our long standing and our many new readers PAGE 6 wishes a Happy Christmas and a fun-filled New Year. Let's hope Atari goes from strength to strength in 1988, they might even notice we're here.

I'm off on my first holiday of the year. See you in 1988!


Les Ellingham