Issue 31

Jan/Feb 88

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Robtek have licensed PC DITTO from Avant Garde Systems in the U.S.A. to bring to Europe an IBM emulator "that really works", PC-Ditto is sweeping the States where it is recognised as the best of the available IBM emulators. Price in this country will be 89.95. Robtek have also released HOLLYWOOD POKER at 14.95, if you can't afford a trip to Soho, and several other games at a similar price including DIABLO, SWOOPER, ALIEN STRIKE and GAMBLER. Also available are SKYPLOT, a professional astronomy program that will set you back 69.95 and HOME PUBLISHER, a low cost DTP program for the small business user at 24.95.

Digita International, a company already established in the Amstrad market join the growing number of software houses supporting the ST with the announcement of four products, two of which are likely to appeal to all home or business users. MAILSHOT is a powerful menu driven mailing list program which uses a unique system of on-screen scrolling of labels and brings WYSIWYG to labelling programs. Routines include detection of duplicate labels, surname sorting and many more. Price will be 24.95 and an enhanced version will be available at 49.95. The second program of interest to home users will be HOME ACCOUNTS, a GEM based home accounting program for 24.95 which looks to be very interesting. Digita are also releasing SPECTRUM ANALYSER which can link to your Hi-Fi to create an exciting visual image of music.

Signa Publishing Systems Ltd. is a new company headed by Mike Dale, formerly of Haba Systems, that intend to support Desktop Publishing on the ST. The company will import document processing and desktop publishing software from Western Europe and will offer high quality software and hardware peripherals as well as service, training, installation and support. One of the products they carry Signum is already recognised as having one of the finest outputs of text and there are similar products coming together with hardware such as optical scanners. More information can be had from Signa at Trevenen House, Cricket Hill Lane, Yately, Camberley, Surrey.

Frontier Software have an impressive new line-up of add-ons for the ST following a sole-distributor agreement with E. Arthur Brown Company of the U.S.A. The range of products include a Solderless Expandable RAM Expansion Board which is easy to fit and can be expanded later. Initially the unit will upgrade a 520STM to 1Mb but more chips can be added up to 4Mb. Price is 139.95. The PictaScan Scanner mounts onto any printer to produce scanned images of photographs and documents which can be stored in Degas or Publishing Partner formats. 10 grey levels and all three resolutions are supported at a price of 149.95. Invisible Clock Setter plugs under the ST keyboard to keep the clock running even if the machine is turned off. Price 29.95. Finally there is the first alternative to the ST mouse with Mouse Ball II which retails at 39.95.

Bug Byte enter the ST market with MISSING: ONE DROID, a budget game for just 9.95. The program was written by Paul Lay and was the winner of ANALOG magazine's $5000 dollar programming contest. A fast action shoot 'em up with dozens of screens and 'astonishingly fast game play'.

Creation are another new company which is releasing a unique scrolling shoot 'em up called SKYRIDER that scrolls from side to side rather than vertically. A futuristic game with graphics similar to Goldrunner, it features six minutes of sampled music plus sound effects and animated backgrounds. Price is 14.95.

Also from Microdeal are LEATHERNECK, a commando action game, ST SOCCER and FRIGHT NIGHT, an 'Adult Only' game based on the film. All at 19.95. From Michtron will be QUICK PAGE, a simple page layout program that can combine text and graphics for single page advertising, press releases, newssheets etc. Works with Epson compatibles and the new Epson laser. Price 29.95.


TANGLEWOOD from Microdeal looks as if it could be the best arcade adventure yet to be released for the ST. The program will cost 19.95 and looks to be worth every penny. Let the pictures tell the story and get hold of the demo disk, if you can.