Reviewed by John Davison jnr


Issue 31

Jan/Feb 88

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SkullDiggery is basically a version of the old classic `Boulderdash' and it isn't exactly the greatest game ever to be released for the ST. In SkullDiggery you take the part of a 'bouncy cave mite' who has an appetite for treasure. You must run around the one hundred caves eating the treasure and avoiding the tumbling skulls, the crazy ghosts and the vicious bats.

The graphics are not very good at all. For a start they are medium resolution, giving only four colours and the gain in resolution does not make up for the lack of colour because Skulldiggery looks more like a Spectrum game than an ST game! The graphics are boring and dull, and the scrolling is the worst I have ever seen. It is worse, in fact than the scrolling on Gauntlet (and that was awful). The sound is NOT brilliant during the actual playing of the game, however, when you finish a level and pass through the door to.the next level there is a sampled effect of a large door creaking open. On the high score table there is also a sampled sound. I think it's supposed to be a short burst of an electric guitar, but again it is not very good, and it appears to have been put in as an afterthought.

Other annoying little 'features' include the protection which causes the disk drive to spin continuously and becomes very irritating. The only saving grace of the game would appear to be the simultaneous two player option where both players race around either helping or hindering each other getting the treasure. This does not make up, however, for the poor quality of the game. For what it is I think that `SkullDiggery' is horrendously overpriced and I would steer clear of it..