Revision C for Cassette

by Alec Benson


Issue 31

Jan/Feb 88

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Regular readers will recall that we published a disk version of Revision C BASIC a few issues ago and, as promised in the last issue, we now present a version for cassette users. Why should you need Revision C BASIC? Well some 800XL's have Revision B BASIC which, unfortunately, has a few bugs including a particularly nasty one that adds a number of bytes to your program when you save it, sometimes making it impossible to run the program on other machines.

Before you rush and type in the listing, check to see if you have Revision C already some machines do. Type ? PEEK(43234). If you get the answer 96 you have the dreaded Revision B! So get typing!


Type in the BASIC program, checking it with TYPO 3 as you go, and CSAVE a copy. Next, get yourself a new tape, RUN the program and follow the directions carefully to create a boot tape. Now rewind the tape and re-boot whilst holding down the START key. Do NOT hold OPTION down. Press RETURN after the beep and Revision C Basic will load and run automatically.

After installing itself, Revision C does not use any of the memory that is normally used for BASIC programs. Revision C will remain in memory till power-off as the RESET key is trapped.

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