The Credits


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88



Full 'official' credits are on page 3, here are the people who made it possible.


Les Ellingham did the Editing

Nicola Parry looked after the ads

Phil Cardwell gave valuable Editorial Assistance


The Regular Contributors are ...


Garry Francis
Mark Hutchinson

Matthew Jones

John Davison
John Davison jr

John Sweeney
Paul Rixon

The Cover illustration and sundry other illustrations are by
Barry Armstrong


All other contributors for this issue are credited alongside their articles or programs. Thanks to everybody for contributing and thus helping others.

Very little inspiration for this issue! Those who did help include Chris Rea (especially Chisel Hill), Run Rig, Richie Havens, Eric Clapton ( Yes! ), Ian Hammer, Van Morrison ( again!), Bruce Hornsby. The sunshine in the magical isles did not help at all!


Serious? You bet! But Atari is supposed to fun as well isn't it?

The next issue of PAGE 6 could feature YOUR article or program. So, send it!


PAGE 6 is put together almost entirely with Atari equipment and software. Hardware used: 130XE, 1050 disk drive, 810 disk drive, 850 Interface, modem, NEC 8023 printer, 1040ST, SM124 monitor, Atari SH204 hard disk drive, Epson RX100 printer, Microstuffer Buffer. Software used: Superscript, Turbo Basic, Tele-Talk, Kermit, Print Wiz and several custom written utilities on the 8-bit. STwriter, PC Intercomm, Thunder and Fleet Street Publisher on the ST.

Copy is prepared on a 130XE using Superscript and various custom written programs and then transferred to the ST via 8-bit Kermit and PC Intercomm. It is then spell checked with Thunder and the layout drafted with Fleet Street Publisher. Finished copy is output from the ST to a Konnect 2 cassette machine and then fed into a Monotype Lasercomp typesetter.