Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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At last! Compute!'s latest Flight Simulator titles have arrived in the UK. Learning To Fly with Flight Simulator is for those who have just bought their copy of FS2, whilst experienced pilots will enjoy Flying On Instruments. Those who would just like more fun can read Flight Simulator Adventures for the ST.

On a different tack Jet Fighter School is a unique book looking at aspects of combat flying with programs like F-15 Strike Eagle. Check them out now!


More good news for Atari 8-bit owners is the formation of a new games company up in Newcastle-upon-Tyne called Zeppelin Games. The company has as one of its directors, Brian Jobling, an established and well respected Atari programmer and the company fully expect to support the Atari 8-bit as much as possible.

Managing Director is Derek Brewster, a former journalist with CRASH magazine and an experienced Spectrum and Amstrad programmer. The company will have a full in-house team of programmers and intend to put out quality programs on cassette at just 2.99. Obviously they intend to produce games over the whole range of 8-bit computers but one of the company's first releases is for the Atari. Look out for Speed Ace which is an excellent motorcycle race game played either against nineteen computer controlled riders or as a two player game on some of the world's most famous racing circuits.

The preview copy of Speed Ace received by PAGE 6 looks well worth the 2.99 price and we hope to see more Atari titles from Zeppelin as they become established. It is a brave step nowadays to make an Atari version one of your first releases and we hope that you support Zeppelin so that they in turn can let us have more and more Atari titles.


Have you ever looked at the mess underneath your computer desk? Most likely you have fallen over all those wires many times and have run out of sockets around the house! Help is at hand from Cambrian Distributors, a new marketing arm of Elkay Electrical Ltd. a leading British manufacturer of electrical connectors. Of interest to computer owners are the Multiplug range of power connectors and a TV aerial switch that allows three different inputs to one TV.

The standard Multiplug range includes units which allow two, four or six appliances to be connected to one 13 amp socket and is ideal for your Atari and all the peripherals attached to it. The units are available either fused or non fused and prices start at 10.99.

If you use your computer heavily for business or serious work, or are worried about losing some long programs under development due to fluctuations in the mains, a Smoothflow Multiplug might be the answer. This gives four filtered outlets from a single 13 amp socket and protects equipment against mains spikes and surges as well as eliminating mains interference on the sound channels of Hi-Fi and Video units. Prices for this range start at 21.99.

Perhaps of more interest to the majority of Atari owners who have to share a TV for their computer is the 3-2-1 aerial switch. For just 4.99 you can connect up to three input devices to your TV and choose between them at the flick of a switch. You can therefore connect up your Atari, TV Aerial and Video and need never again fumble about behind the TV to change the connections. You could also, if you wished reverse the unit and demonstrate your favourite computer game on up to three TV's!

Further details of these products can be obtained from Cambrian Distributors, Newtown, Powys SY16 4LF who also sell by mail order. The telephone number is 0686 24508.