Disk Bonus - Master of the Mindfire

by Duncan Stuart


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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A 100% machine code arcade game available only as a bonus on this issue's disk

This issue we are proud to present, as a bonus on Side 2 of the Issue 32 disk, a superb machine code arcade game originally written for commercial release by Duncan Stuart, author of Red Rat's recent blockbuster Nightmares. It is a challenging and difficult game that will test your skills to the limit. We haven't managed to get past level 3 without cheating! Can you do better?


The game is a 1 player arcade game played with a joystick in port 1. You control a doughty young wizard sent to a country mansion to expel the evil forces gathering there. You have been chosen from your sect of grey wizards to combat the evil since you alone control the `Mindfire' - a living creature of magical powers. You can use it to effect by shooting small bolts of the fire from your staff. The Mindfire also endows you with a number of spells you can use to your advantage in the different levels of the game.

In the first level you must find the key to escape each room while being harassed by ghosts. It could be on the ground floor or on the gallery which you can reach by pushing the joystick up to activate the levitation spell. When you have found a key exit the room bottom left.

In the second level you can shoot the suits of armour but must avoid the spears by pulling down on the joystick to use the shrinking spell. You will stay shrunken for only a few seconds or until you press the joystick button.

In level three you have passed through the mansion to an underground cavern. You can cross the crevasse by touching a stalactite and pressing the joystick button to use the sky-hook spell. To get upwards you must climb the stalagmites.

Next you will shape change into a bird in order to sort out the pterodactyls that have made the caves of level four into their home. You must shoot them in the body and not the wings to cause them to fall and smash a hole through the bottom of the cave. When you have made a large enough hole, you can go down through it and take on the lava monster to discover the exit to the cave.

Finally you must continually shoot the flying creature in level five to complete the game, after which you will return to level one to discover if you are strong enough to try again!
When you have lost a life or finished a level you must press the joystick button to continue. The START button will begin the game from the title screen and can thereafter be used to pause the game.


Master of The Mindfire is a great game which Disk Subscribers will receive automatically as a Bonus with this issue. Other readers may obtain a copy of the Issue 32 disk, which also includes all of the programs from this issue ready to run, for 3.95 (3.50 if a subscriber) from PAGE 6, P.O. BOX 54, STAFFORD, ST16 1DR