Anyone for Tennis

by Christopher Jones


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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Tennis is one of those simple but addictive games for two players with each using a joystick. The aim is simply to return your opponent's shots by moving your player with the joystick. You gain a point each time your opponent misses and the first player to reach seven points is the winner. Pressing START begins a game and player 1 serves first. Thereafter service goes with the points. The fire button serves the ball.


The program is a machine code file which is created on tape or disk by the Basic program listed here. Type in the program, using TYPO 3 to check it as you type, and then save it to disk or tape in the normal way.

If you are using a disk drive you will need a formatted disk with DOS written to it in Drive A. Run the Basic program and choose option 1. An autoboot listing will be created on your disk and the game can be run by simply re-booting.

If using cassette, load the original program and place a new tape in your cassette. Press PLAY and RECORD and then RUN the program. Choose option '0 and the machine code program will be written to your tape. You can now rewind the tape, switch off the computer and run the game by switching on with the OPTION and START keys held down. Press PLAY on the recorder and RETURN and the game will load and run automatically.


The program was written with the ATARI Assembler 'Editor cartridge and the BASIC program listed here was created using Steve Hillen's 'Hexadecimal Code Generator' from MONITOR Issue 11.

 Object Program