Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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Mirrorsoft has recently signed an agreement with Cinemaware Corporation to distribute the next six titles in the Cinemaware `interactive fiction' line. The first four titles from Cinemaware are also distributed by Mirrorsoft and include the best-selling DEFENDER OF THE CROWN as well as SDI, THE KING OF CHICAGO AND SINBAD AND THE THRONE OF THE FALCON. New titles to be released under the agreement include THE THREE STOOGES, a comedy classic with arcade action and a laugh-a-minute storyline, and ROCKET RANGER based on an American TV serial to bring action, romance, thrills and spills to your computer. Cinemaware claim "there is nothing quite like it, graphically or artistically, in the industry today".

Activision's recent releases include PREDATOR based on the successful Arnold Schwarzeneggar film in which you play the part of the film's hero, alone in a treacherous jungle needing every ounce of cunning to stay alive. Although starting out with plenty of firepower in the form of automatic machine guns, grenade launchers and the deadly Mini-gun, you have to survive at the end with just your own physical strength and lightning reactions. Activision claim 'state of the art graphics, dual speed sideways scrolling and endless screens of pure arcade action'. You can see for yourself for 19.95!

Atari has finally got its Desktop Publishing act together, after months of speculation, by choosing Mirrossoft's Fleet Street Publisher as the software for its Desktop Publishing system. The system, now available from Atari dealers includes a Mega ST2 or 4, monochrome monitor, 10 or 20 Mb hard drive, Atari laser printer, Fleet Street Publisher and 1st Word. The entire system will cost between 2000 and 3000 depending on the configuration chosen and undercuts the Macintosh by a substantial amount. An Apple Laserwriter alone will cost more than the entire Atari system!

Jeff Minter of Llamasoft looks to have finally stopped playing with Colourspace II and got down to finishing the program which is due for imminent release under the new title TRIP-A-TRON. Originally intended as an upgraded version of Colourspace 1, the program has now been completely rewritten from scratch with the result that it is almost a new concept in interactive computer graphics. Jeff Minter claims that TRIP-A-TRON is as far away from Colourspace 1 as the ST is from the ZX81! All you need to enjoy the ultimate light synthesiser experience is a 520ST and around 40 but if you just happen to have FIVE MEGA ST's you can also join in the fun! The specification runs to a full A4 page so we don't have enough room to bring it all to you but if you would like to get in touch with Llamasoft on 07356 4478 we are sure they will give you more information.

Infocom's latest for the ST is SHERLOCK:THE RIDDLE OF THE CROWN JEWELS which, as you might have guessed is a detective story. Do you fancy playing Sherlock Holmes? Well, hard luck, for in this one you play Watson who has to solve the mystery of the theft of the Crown Jewels two days before the Queens Jubilee celebrations. You must pit your wits against a clever thief with only a trail of infuriating riddles left behind to aid in your search. One such riddle is why the game is called SHERLOCK ... ? If you play Watson, what is Holmes doing? Playing the fiddle? Or maybe he has just had a heavy night smoking those naughty substances that rumour has it he enjoys!

Precision Software have released the upgraded version of its successful database Superbase Personal. SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL includes all of the features of its predecessor but includes full programming facilities to enable users to produce databases specifically suited to their needs. A unique forms editor is included which allows the creation of multi-page forms combining colour, lines, boxes and fields from any file for custom applications. The inbuilt Database Management Language allows even the non-programmer to create custom routines and even pull-down menus and personalised pop-up selection panels are available. SUPERBASE PROFESSIONAL retails at 249.95 and is available from your usual supplier.

Microdeal are taking a little more time nowadays with their releases. Tanglewood has set a standard which will hard to match and it seems that their programmers keep wanting to improve the games so that titles like LEATHERNECK and INTERNATIONAL SOCCER shown at last November's Atari Show are still awaited in '88. Other releases planned include SLAYGON which features the most sophisticated robot ever created. Slaygon has the strength of a hundred men, the armour and weapons of a small tank and the intelligence of ... you! OMEGA RUN is a strategy game of which nothing more is known at present and there is also FRIGHT NIGHT, an 'Adult Only' game based on the film. This one could frighten you off the ST forever!

And the rest ...

System 3 have re-released INTERNATIONAL KARATE at a new lower price of 14.99. Origin Systems, via Microprose, also have a martial arts game, MOEBIUS, at 24.95 where fighting skills are combined with cunning, ingenuity and a knowledge of magic to achieve the objective of retrieving the `celestial orb of harmony'. Prospero Software have Version 2.1 of PROSPERO FORTRAN for GEM now available with three superb manuals and many enhancements at 113 plus VAT. Mirrorsoft have a new game called TETRIS (actually the R is the other way round but do you know how difficult that is to explain to a typesetter?) which sounds rather weird. All about matching shapes. If you get really good, you might even get to win the competition in the pack and get sent to Russia! Epyx games freaks might like to enjoy one of the current bargains on the ST entitled EPYX ON ST - 6 disks for 29.99 containing four games, Championship Wrestling, World Games, Winter Games and Super Cycle. A new label from Ariolasoft is MAGIC BYTES whose first release is PARANOIA where you are in a world controlled completely by computer, reminiscent of Orwell's 1984. Also due is VAMPIRES EMPIRE a fast and furious arcade/strategy game set in the world of Count Dracula.