Reviewed by John Davison jnr


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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`Deep within the caverns of the planet Cosmia a lifetime struggle for freedom is being lost. Kreezers from all over the planet are being captured by the ghoulish monsters who inhabit the planet craters'

Your job in Frostbyte is to take on the task of rescuing the captured Kreezers from their cages, which are spaced well apart from one another in the underground caverns. You were also once imprisoned, but you managed to escape, and upon leaving your cage came across a form of gun which can be used to destroy some of the 'ghouls'.

On your travels through the caverns and passages you will come across three different sorts of coloured 'sweets' which will enable your Kreezer to either move faster, jump higher, or fall further.


These sweets will last indefinitely or until you pick up and use another sweet with a different effect. Also you will come across many different varieties of colourful monsters, some which will kill and some which won't, some which can be killed and some which can't.



Graphically the game is very bold and colourful, although in some places the use of dithering (dots of different colours to make darker shades etc.) has been overdone a little. The sound is quite good, and the twenty or so seconds of sampled music on the loading screen would be near enough perfect if it were not for the fact that it stops half way through a phrase. The sprites in the game, from your 'Slinky' like Kreezer to the hundreds of different ghouls, are all very colourful, and in most cases very smoothly animated. My only real complaints about the game are the difficulties which I had in getting it to load. To start with it would not load on my 1 meg drive, so I had to change the cables around to make my half meg drive Disk A. Secondly, when loading on the half meg it was rather temperamental and more often than not would 'bomb' out on first try. It usually loaded on the second or third attempt, though.

Overall Frostbyte is a fairly reasonable platform type game which is priced relatively cheaply, however I did find that after playing it for a while it became a mite boring. This was because successive screens do not necessarily increase steadily in difficulty. Some are very easy and others are extremely hard. Difficult screens early on may cause loss of lives, making later screens more of a problem as you don't have spare lives to experiment with. Frostbyte should appeal to arcade adventure fans, even if it doesn't break any new ground in originality.