Las Vegas

Reviewed by John Davison Jnr


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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Las Vegas, as you can probably tell by the name, is a gambling game. The aim of Las Vegas is to break the bank at the casino by working through the Slot Machines, on to a game of `Higher-or-Lower' and finally on to play Blackjack with the chance to break the bank.

The first section, the Slot Machine, resembles the screen from one of the modern gambling machines. The three reels are in the centre of the screen with the start, gamble and hold buttons below. Across the top of the screen in large letters are the words 'Las Vegas'. Each letter must be lit up before you can move onto the 'Higher-or-Lower' game. All of the buttons on the machine are pressed by positioning the mouse pointer over the button and pressing the left button.



Once you have made it to the `Higher-or-Lower' screen, you are presented with five cards face down in the centre of the screen. Below these are four buttons, a 'deal' button, 'higher', `lower' and finally the 'change' button which enables you to change the first card dealt. You must then guess whether the next card in the sequence is higher or lower than that just dealt. If you succeed in getting all five cards correct you can either collect your winnings and return to the Slot Machine, or gamble. If you gamble and win you are given a number of chances to reach $100 and therefore win the `Higher-or-Lower' game. If you do actually manage to win $100 or more, you can move onto the Blackjack screen (which I have not actually managed yet!).

The Blackjack game is controlled in a similar way to the previous two sections, and if these are anything to go by, I would imagine that it is going to be pretty hard to beat the computer.

`Las Vegas', although not very original, is a reasonably fun and addictive game with some bold and brightly coloured graphics. The sound is not really that good, apart from when you collect your winnings, when the tinkle of falling coins sounds surprisingly realistic. Overall, the game is quite good and worth the asking price