Screaming Wings

Reviewed by John Davison Jnr


Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88

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Red Rat Software



Screaming Wings from Red Rat is another game to be converted across to the ST from the eight bit micro's. The game is basically a vertically scrolling shoot 'ern up, loosely based on the arcade machine '1942', however the ST version has been brought up to date. Instead of old World War Two planes, you now fly in a '520ST Strike Fighter', which, in the instruction booklet, looks remarkably similar to an F16 strike fighter.

The game loads with a fairly good picture of a jet fighter flying towards you with the Red Rat and the Screaming Wings logos behind it. Accompanying this picture is a digitised tune which although fairly good quality, is a little monotonous being just a bassy guitar sound repeating itself over and over.


Once the game has loaded you are shoot as many enemy planes as possible, and to pick up various features (such as shields) for your plane along the way. Shields only last for a short time, but enable you to fly anywhere without being shot out of the sky. A 'drone' plane can also be activated which flies along with you and shoots whenever you do. This particular feature is very useful when there are a lot of enemy aircraft about. A bomb enables you to destroy all enemy fighters on the screen by hitting the space bar, and finally you can pick up a 'rapid fire' icon.

Upon completing a level you must first destroy the large enemy bomber by shooting it many times, before landing at the airfield. Having landed, another distorted voice says 'Good shooting' and greeted by a cheerful voice telling you that 'Red Rat software proudly presents...' followed by a distorted voice sounding like somebody yelling `Screaming Wings' with a mouth full of corn flakes. Pressing the fire button on the joystick causes the game logo to disappear and the computer screams something totally unrecognisable, which no matter how many times I hear it I can't work out what it says!

The graphics in 'Screaming Wings' are clear and colourful, as are the sprites which are reasonably well animated. The background shows the sea and the islands above which the action takes place and scrolls by extremely smoothly. It's nice to see one of the cheaper British titles with scrolling that doesn't make your eyes hurt.

The aim of the game is merely to you are rewarded for the number of planes you have shot down. When you are finally killed the familiar 'Game Over' comes up on the screen, and a squeaky voice yells "Game over man, over!". If your score was good enough, you can put your name in the high score table, but before doing this, the guy with the corn flake problem comes back and says something unintelligible again!

Overall it's not a bad little game which is reasonably playable.