Issue 32

Mar/Apr 88


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MJDBASE (ISSUE 30): Reader Peter Boulter tells us he has discovered a small bug when the drive is set to 0 or 2 and option 7 is chosen from the menu. The program goes into an endless loop between lines 18850 and 18870. The fix was to replace GOTO 18850 in line 18870 with GOTO 19450.

REVISION C FOR CASSETTE (ISSUE 31): Unfortunately line 1160 was missing from the listing which can only be accounted for by Phil's typing abilities! The missing line is:

QQ 1160 DATA 1,211,9,2,141,1,211,96,0,0,733

BOWLTRAP (ISSUE 31): The program will not run on 400/800 models as listing due to a bug in the OS on these computers. The last time this obscure bug caught up with us was in 'DRAUGHTS' in issue 16. 400/800 owners must change line 60 to:

KQ 60 POKE 106,PEEK(106)-10: CS = PEEK(106) + 2: CSBASE = CS*256: GOSUB 1300

FONT FACTORY (ISSUE 31): Cassette users must make the following changes to be able to load and save properly. Delete lines 2930, 2940, 2950, 2960, 2970, 2980 and amend line 4610 as follows:

KD 4610 IF FX$(1,2)= "C:" THEN DV$ = "C:": POKE 752,0: FL$ = FX$: FF$ = FX$: RETU