Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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Well, the response to Issue 1 was very gratifying. Thanks to all those of you who took the time to write in with letters, articles or programs - keep them coming. My apologies if there have been delays in answering your letters, it has been quite hectic. As stated in Issue I, the magazine was sparked off by the formation of the Birmingham User Group but the response from outside the group - even from abroad - has been so great that it has been decided that the magazine should be run as an independent entity. PAGE 6 will keep close ties with BUG and you will see their page in every issue but in order to reflect the interest shown from all around the U.K. the magazine will now be published by ABACUS - an independent User Group, the Around Britain Atari Computer Users Society. ABACUS will be modelled on the independent National BBC User Group, LASERBUG in that its prime function will be to publish a magazine which will act as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. It is hoped that PAGE 6 will encourage existing User Groups and individual users all over the U.K. - and abroad - to dig a little more deeply into their Atari computers and share their knowledge so that we may all both learn and teach. There is something new to learn each day in the world of Atari - perhaps with computing you continue to learn forever! I will try to share my enjoyment through the pages of PAGE 6, why don't you do likewise?


You can help in many ways even if you are only just beginning. Write in to the magazine with any thoughts - send in articles or program listings. If you can't manage that, then just write to the advertisers asking for details of their products - even buy something! We need their support as well.

One of the most exciting programs I have seen for a long time is TINY-TEXT featured in this issue. It opens up new horizons for 'serious' use of your Atari at minimal cost (nothing!). Get to grips with it and start sending cassettes to your Atari friends and to PAGE 6.

Some of the people who have phoned or written in have asked whether it is possible for them to be put in touch with other users in their area. If all the Atari User Groups could give me details of their activities and meeting places I will be happy to publish them and hopefully encourage new members. I can't of course give out people's names and addresses without their permission but again I am happy to start up a Contact page if you would like people to get in touch with you. If you can find a like mind there is no better way to learn and perhaps you can then share the fruits of your fertile new partnerships with other readers. This is a Users magazine and can only survive with User support. Let me know what you want to read or, if you have any special talent, write about something you really enjoy and together we can produce a really special magazine.