Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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Dear Sirs, 

Firstly, congratulations on the magazine and good luck for the future. I have a question which I hope you can answer. I recently had to break off in the middle of a long program and CSAVEd what I had onto two different cassettes. When I attempted to re-enter however, both showed an error of the Serial Bus type, one immediately and the other after about a minute of normal sounding operation. Is there any way I can salvage the section of the program prior to the error or must I re-do the whole thing? 

T.C. Mayers, Leicester

** There is no easy way to recover a program which won't load. it should be possible to write a program that can read data as it is received and perhaps one of our readers can come up with one. A program is recorded on tape in three separate steps. Firstly a 20 second leader of mark tone followed by any number of data records and finally and End-of-File record. If the computer does not get to the End-of-File record you will end up with an error. There seem to be many problems with CSAVEing and CLOADing programs so a few hints may be helpful. Firstly, clean the tape heads REGULARLY with any proprietary tape head cleaner. Before CSAVEing any program, type LPRINT followed by RETURN. Ignore the error message and then CSAVE. This helps initialise the cassette handler properly. If you have problems in loading, try starting the tape a little further on or back. Try also moving the tape past the point which will not load by just turning on the cassette motor by POKEing 54018,52. Press SYSTEM RESET and try again. if readers know of any other hints let us know.


Dear Page 6, 

I received issue 1 of PAGE 6 and was suitably impressed. I enclose my subscription. I am a relatively in-experienced computer freak and any short programs like 'line lister' I find a great help. A few thoughts on items I am sure your readers will find useful - a conversion to Atari Basic of commands used by other computers to allow programs to be converted - useful parts of memory maps for the same purpose an explanation of machine code - listings of other machines which use the 6502 processor - a list of User Groups in the U.K. - a list of useful addresses in the U.S.A - a possible breakdown in variables used in programs to help in understanding what's going on - a suggested reading list of books for novices - fault finding in your programs - and a simple adventure game. I realise I am expecting quite a lot but these are some of things that are not covered in the books I have read and are the sort of things which most people would like to be able to find easily.

J. Dimmer, Elgin

**Wow! We will start work on some of these but this is a Users Magazine so there are a few ideas for readers to submit articles on. Lets hear from you for the benefit of other readers.


Dear PAGE 6, 

Thank you for the first: issue of the magazine, its just what we Atari owners need in this country. If you live somewhere like I do where the availability of software and accessories is virtually non-existent, a magazine such as yours that keeps you up to date with the latest developments is most welcome. Having to buy programs mail-order without seeing them first can sometimes be quite frustrating! Considering the wealth of software available is it possible for you to squeeze in a few more reviews? ... Please! 

D. Beech Hull

**Thanks for your kind remarks. We will try to review all kinds of programs both old and new and if any readers feel they can write reviews of programs that they have and are very familiar with please let me know. It is difficult to give in-depth reviews on programs which you only have a couple of spare hours to look at!