Getting Started

Les Ellingham


Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83

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It is quite often the small things that can make an ordinary program a little bit more special. If you take care in the presentation of your program including such things as titles and instructions, you will end up with a program which will impress people from the start.

Here are a couple of simple routines to add life to the beginning of your programs. Listing 1 for Graphics 0 simply POKEs the Character Base Register at location 755 with a 1 which makes all inverse characters disappear. Try changing the loop in line 60 to any combination between 0 and 4 for different results. Alter the value of the step to change the speed of the flashing.

AtariLister - requires Java

Listing 2 works in Graphics 1 or 2 and simply cycles the inverse characters through the colours available. Location 710 controls the colour value of inverse upper case letters in these modes.

AtariLister - requires Java

Listing 3 runs through a string and makes each character 'inverse' which in Graphics 1 & 2 simply changes the color of the characters. Try adding some sound to this routine.

AtariLister - requires Java