BUG Club Call


Issue 2

Feb/Mar 83


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Well BUG at last appears to be settling down and making some real progress. Many of the members who came to the Constitution meeting at the end of November seem to have stayed away from subsequent meetings but they have missed some good meetings since. Agreed the constitution evening was a bore, but it was vitally necessary for the survival and well being of the Club.

Our 'Christmas Special' meeting on the 9th December, although perhaps a bit early to be really festive, went very well with plenty going on. The local retailers generously supported the evening with the donation of prizes for the various competitions and in fact there were so many prizes available that we found it hard to give them all away! The main event of our meeting of 27th January was a talk by Lawrence Miller of Games Workshop on strategy and adventure type games, an area which is not too well represented in the present 'arcade' era. If you missed either of these meetings you missed something good.

Mike Aston has begun a series of beginners classes for basic which represents a good opportunity to discuss any problems you may have if you are just starting, whilst Colin Boswell is trying to get together a discussion group on Assembler. Other courses and classes are possible but the success of those already arranged and future events depends on you. You must let the committee know what you want and more importantly be prepared to join in and support any activity.

There have been some changes recently on the Committee and the Officers of the Club are now:

Chairman - Mike Reynolds-Jones Vice-Chaiman - Keith Mason

Secretary - Mike Aston

Treasurer - Steve Gould

Get to know these people and the rest of the committee and let them know what you want the club to arrange and how you are willing to help.

Steve Gould now has a software library running where you can off-load your unwanted software and borrow other games, books and magazines. The scheme is growing fast so make sure you don't miss out, ask Steve for details at the next meeting.

Lots of other ideas are in the melting pot and we are making contact with other User Groups. Come along to future meetings to find out more, but don't just sit there, bring along some ideas or your programs. Even if you just grab one of the committee members and say 'Would it be possible to ........', you will have done your bit to help BUG grow into the best User Group in the U.K. Watch out America!

One area we should be looking into is building a library of software written by members of the Group. If you bring along programs you have written you can discuss these with other members and when they are ready they can build into a 'user written' library. Once built up, the possibilities for exchange with other groups arise, particularly with User Groups in America where exchange of libraries is one of the best means of contact and learning. Some of the bigger Groups in America have libraries of over 3000 programs.