Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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With this issue, PAGE 6 welcomes hundreds of new readers, all proud new owners of an Atari 600XL. You bought the best home computer and I hope that with PAGE 6 you will get the maximum enjoyment from your machine. There is a whole new world waiting for you to explore and you will soon be able to do things that you never thought possible. Buy plenty of games by all means, but don't just do that, for the real joy in owning a computer lies in what YOU can create.

This is probably an opportune moment to restate the philosophy behind PAGE 6. Although the situation is changing slowly, you will not find much for the Atari in the national computer press. In America, where there are many more machines, there are two dedicated Atari magazines and a host of others that provide regular support. The amount of third party products and advertising revenue is enormous allowing such magazines to grow. In the UK, the story is vastly different and it is unlikely that similar magazines will appear. PAGE 6 was created to fill a gap and allow Atari owners to share their discoveries with others as a sort of national 'user group'. All of the articles and programs come from YOU and without your dedication and support the magazine would fold. Contributions are mainly voluntary, i.e. you don't get paid, but I would hope that the satisfaction of seeing something you have written published in a magazine read by Atari enthusiasts all over the world will be reward enough. Many people seem to think that, because of the quality of the magazine, PAGE 6 is produced by a 'big' publisher. That is not so, all of the 'staff' are listed on page 3! We accept advertising for two reasons. Firstly, it pays for the quality of the magazine (just) and secondly, in a country that does not have the same support for Atari as for other machines, it allows you, the reader, to find products you might not otherwise know about and hopefully encourages those who want to produce software and expansions for the Atari to advertise at very reasonable rates.

That's it then. It is your magazine. When you write a program or discover a new aspect of your Atari, please send it in for others to share.