Season's Greetings

Les Ellingham


Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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Why not send your own Christmas greeting to family and friends using your Atari? With this greetings program you can type in your own messages and play them back accompanied by some seasonal music. Why not type a message, for the kids on Christmas day and leave the program running for them to 'press a key' when they open their presents? Assuming of course you can get up before them!

Just type in your message at the prompt. A$ is dimensioned to hold 2000 characters but you can change this if you want. If you hear the end of line buzzer when typing in your message just hit return and continue on the next line. If you finish the line at the end of a word you must start the next line with a space. Don't worry about your input being in lower case, it is supposed to be that way. When you have finished your message press return twice.

That's all there is to it. Now all someone has to do is to 'press a key' for their greeting. If you press any key while the program is running, the music will change. Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

AtariLister - requires Java