reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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Another vertical scrolling game but with a very different and strange scenario. You have to guide Steeple Jack to the top of the chimney up several ladders which are broken in many places forcing you to jump to an adjacent ladder. Up and up he goes until ... I know not what as I couldn't get that far. Jack is represented by an animated face with hat and sunglasses and he is bounced across the ladders by the joystick. A ghost flits across the screen but the really weird bit is when elephants (??) start failing down the ladders! I started playing the game without reading the instructions and suddenly thought I saw an elephant! The explanation is that it is all part of a dream sequence.

The game is certainly different though it could do with a little more variety. As you progress the ladders get shorter and shorter and are more awkwardly placed making it quite a challenge. One novel feature is the score which records the number of metres you have climbed. I wonder what is at the top of that chimney?