Hazard Run

reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 7

Jan/Feb 84

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Do you have fun watching them good ol' boys Bo and Luke or even cousins Coy and Vance? Ever wished you could be at the wheel of the General Lee and sit back and watch Sheriff Roscoe PPP . . Coltrane go crashing into the creek you just jumped? Get yourself a little old copy of Hazard Run my friends, and you can join in the fun.

Hazard Run is an exciting car chase game where you take control of a supercharged car (doors welded?) and drive like mad through the woods and dirt roads to escape the Sheriff. There are five different runs for you to try, from Chicken Run when you are just getting the feel of the car up to Hell's canyon and a Random Run for when you get to know the scenery too well. Steer clear of the trees and rocks and look out for the chickens too, some of them can run you off the road. You can just clip some obstacles and get her up on two wheels but be sure to steer in the right direction or she'll flip right over. The big fun though is jumping a creek but you'll have to get your foot on the floor and watch you don't come down too fast on the other side - hit those brakes.

The screen shows all the action in bird's eye view and at first sight the detail is a little disappointing but the game is fun to play and that's what counts. Once you have mastered the control, which is all by joystick, it becomes quite exhilarating to gather real speed and screech and weave between those trees. When you jump a creek the screen switches to a side on view and you can see whether you are going to make the jump. If you are too slow watch out for the big splash. The game has quite good sound effects and whilst the graphics are not spectacular, they are good. Above all there is a sense of excitement and fun.

If you can get all the way through Hell's Canyon, Uncle Jesse would be proud of you!