reviewed by Les Ellingham


Issue 11

Sep/Oct 84

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16K CASS. 


Geometry is the first in a series of educational software from Soflow Software designed as a revision aid for the '0' level syllabus. The program comes in several sections and uses not only diagrams and text on screen but also that unique, but much underused, Atari feature, the audio sound track. Each section of the program is introduced and commented on by a clear female voice on the soundtrack and care has been taken to ensure that the soundtrack supplements the program and does not merely repeat what is on screen. The program itself requires interaction from the user in answering questions at various stages. Unfortunately the subject itself was too complex for me(!) but I have been assured that the content has been checked for accuracy by a qualified teacher so there should be no complaint in this area.

Many parents have bemoaned the lack of educational software for the Atari and the little that has been published is mainly for pre-school children. Writing software for children of secondary education age is not easy but the Softswot series provides a good start in this neglected area.