Reviewed by Paul Blazeby



Issue 14

Mar/Apr 85

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16k ROM

Joust is a direct copy of the arcade original complete with lava troll, pterodactyl and all. The game has a mediaeval feel with the player finding himself riding upon a flying ostrich(!) and jousting against other knights. You must attempt to knock the other knights off their mounts by bumping them from above. Pressing the joystick button gives you flight while the stick gives you movement. Easy? Not quite, for many different things hinder your progress such as floating platforms with which you often collide. Sometimes when you dislodge a knight he leaves an egg behind which will hatch into another knight if you don't quickly run over it. Other enemies include a lava troll who tries to grab any low-flying birds and a pterodactyl who does its utmost to eat you. Only the pterodactyl can be destroyed by hitting him directly on the head with your pole. One final hindrance is that you move with Newton's Laws of Motion i.e. you cannot stop dead, you have to decelerate and accelerate.

On power-up a nice title page is shown with the top half taken up by the name written in the same style as in the arcade. The lower half is in Graphics 0 and gives you details of copyright, number of players (1/2) and the difficulty level from 1 to 4. Pressing START begins the game. The graphics in Joust are good. The islands are well arranged and the birds very neat. You can tell when an ostrich flaps its wings and the lava troll's hand is very good. The sound is simple but pleasant. Not really brilliant but quite adequate.

Joust is a very enjoyable and addictive game. I find myself trying to knock other ostrich riding knights from the sky all day. Only a couple of gripes. Sometimes after you have lost one of your five lives your knightless bird takes ages to get off the screen and there is no high score table.

Joust is a very good game. Not the best, but very good.