Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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This could be the start of something big. After a comparatively quiet period since Jack Tramiel took the reins Atari look like making big moves in Europe at last. The PCW show at Olympia looks to be the focal point for anyone interested in Atari as detailed in the preview elsewhere in this issue. Many of us have been to exhibitions in the past and we have nearly all come away extremely disappointed at the lack of support for Atari and have probably vowed not to bother next time. I hope that PCW 85 will be different (not least because we will be there!) and will be the turning point for Atari users in this country whether those new to the Atari world or those, like me, who have been there since the days of the 345 16k 400 and the 645 16k 800. Can the complete ST package really be just over 100 more than that price?

Only a short editorial this issue to give us room for a plug for our stand at PCW besides which you won't have time to read much more if you want to type in Castle Morgue!