Pitfall II - Lost Caverns

Reviewed by Jeremy Askew



Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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32k cassette

This game must be one of the best games available for the Atari at the moment. You play the part of Pitfall Harry back in search of treasures, but this time in the lost caverns of Machu Pichu. He is a very active character, not only running and jumping but also climbing, swimming and going up in balloons. There are many dangers facing him such as bats, scorpions, frogs, birds and electric eels.

Pitfall Harry has to hunt through the hundreds of screens to find three objects, a woman called Rhonda, a cat and a ring. Gold bars are scattered about on your way and these give you extra points. An unusual part of this game is that you do not lose lives when you come into contact with a creature, you just return to the last cross you ran over, losing more points the further you are from it. I managed to get all three objects and thought I had completed it, but no, there was another level which I have not yet finished. This next level is even more amazing and more difficult than the first.

The graphics are superb and the game is accompanied throughout by pleasant lively music, which changes when you go up by balloon or are sent back to a cross. PITFALL II is well worth buying at a very reasonable price of 9.95.