Matthew's Label Maker

by Matthew Jones



Issue 17

Sep/Oct 85

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compatible with any printer

This program started because I could not find a local supplier of one across labels but it has since grown into a comprehensive label program offering full editing, saving and loading facilities, the ability to modify parameters and a full Help screen. It should be compatible with any printer although, as written, the advanced facilities of enlarged, underlined or `thick' text apply only to the Epson printers.

Labels can be defined to any size within reasonable limits and can be printed one, two or three across with as many as 100 down although this could be increased if desired. Inter label gaps and label sizes are all catered for and inline editing with insert/delete character or line are included. Error messages are given and error trapping is included.

The program is not intended to be a mailing list handler but the ability to save and load labels to cassette or disk is provided. The filename C: should be used for cassette and the default for disk is D: unless a drive number is specified.

All functions are covered on the Help screen but I suggest that on first use you fill the label screen with characters and print two labels to see how the format matches your own labels. Make sure that you adjust the parameter for number of labels across first. Label size and inter label gaps can then be adjusted to suit. When you are satisfied that you have the optimum label specification, save it as BLANK.LBL. This can then be used as a template each time you wish to define or print a label.

The special facilities of the Epson are contained in control and Escape characters between lines 2200 and 2300 and these can be changed to suit your own printer.

AtariLister - requires Java