Habawriter Mail Merge Utility


Issue 20

Mar/Apr 86

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Haba Systems

This is the utility that will merge together HabaWriter and the Habadex Phone Book. If you wish to write to any or all of your contacts held in your Habadex Phone Book just create a letter with HabaWriter, inserting the appropriate fields from the Phone Book and print away. You may choose to include or exclude certain records by matching up different criteria. Printing of documents is controlled by the utility so all you need to do is save your letter and the Phone Book file on the same disk. If you do not have the Phone Book, don't worry, for you can still create your names and addresses as a HabaWriter file.

Printer control is quite good as you can change the Epson printer driver supplied to suit your own printer by loading it to HabaWriter and changing the codes. Other printing selection such as length of form, form feed or wait are selected with the mouse.

Using mail merge is not as difficult as many people think and if you have not used it before you will be surprised at how good the 'personal' standard letter looks.


Most of the software for this review feature was kindly supplied by Software Express in Birmingham. Telephone 021 328 3585.