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Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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Dear Les,

It would appear that early copies of Ultima IV distributed by US GOLD in this country are faulty. If you can NEVER kill ANY enemy at all then it is because you have a bad copy. US Gold have now fixed the problem and will replace your copy if you send it to them (their address is on the packaging). If you know how to write bad sectors then you can fix it yourself by writing bad sectors into the fifteenth track. Check that it is full of hex zeroes first though!

There is also some doubt about their copies of QUESTRON. If you find that it drops into BASIC when you come out of a dungeon then please let US Gold know on 021 356 3388 so that they can track down the problem.

John Sweeney



Dear PAGE 6,

Could you please send me details of your public domain software collection. I am most interested in a printer driver mainly because I don't know what it is!

Fernand Paquet, 


Details are on their way. In case other readers are puzzled, a printer driver is a program that acts as an interpreter between a word processor or other program and a specific printer. If your printer has special features such as bold, enhanced, graphics etc. then these can be accessed easily by using a printer driver designed for that printer. Most word processors have printer drivers for the most popular printers built in but a few programs do not. Essentially what happens is that the program uses a code for special functions, underlining for example may use CTRL-U. The program will always use CTRL-U but not all printers use the same code for underlining. The printer driver checks each character sent to the printer and when it comes across an 'instruction' character such as CTRL-U it replaces it with whatever code your printer requires. This way it is possible for a particular program to work with every printer by simply adding or using different printer drivers.



Dear Sirs,

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to help me. I am trying to set up a BBS for Atari users. I know that in the past you have mentioned other BBS's and would be most grateful if you could mention mine in one of your columns.

It is called Wishsong, runs at 300/300 (V21) and can be reached by dialling 01 464 2516 between the hours of 20.00 - 08.00 7 days a week. It will be aimed mainly at Atari users to swap ideas, get problems answered, or just let them chat to each other.

Have you ever thought of having a BBS list in each of your issues, with a list of current systems that are online? This seems to be a growing area of interest for Atari owners.

Your help would be most appreciated and keep up the excellent work you do in PAGE 6.

Martin Wybold, 

Bromley, Kent

One problem with printing details of BBS's and the like is keeping it up to date. I have an idea for a 'resource' page next year which would list all BBS's, User Groups and retailers supporting Atari. To work it requires all those concerned to provide me with details and for readers to let me know if they find any entries get out of date. If you want to get the ball rolling and run a BBS or User Group put the details on a sheet of paper clearly headed RESOURCE and send them to me. Ed.



Dear Les,

I purchased a copy of Hacker on tape and completed it last week. I think that there is a part of the game missing as the computer tries to load something else at the end. When I reach Washington with the document the game tells you to press RETURN to see tomorrow's headlines. The computer then beeps and the tape starts up but the screen just goes blank and the tape runs to the end.

I returned my copy to Activision for replacement but the same thing happens. Can any of your readers help? Is it the same on all copies or am I just unlucky?

Paul Cole, 

Walworth, London




Dear PAGE 6,

I'm sure that there are a great deal of Atari owners who at one time or another have felt a bit envious of their friends who own other machines. Every month new games are released by British companies for the Commodore and Spectrum but the software houses rarely do a version for the Atari.

I see that a lot of budget titles have re-appeared in the charts after an Atari conversion has been made which surely proves that their is a market for Atari software if only the companies would bring out Atari versions. Elite did a conversion of Airwolf for the Atari but why stop there? Why don't they do Ghosts and Goblins and Paperboy as well? Surely there are not more C16's and PLUS 4's than Ataris?

The point I am trying to make is that Atari owners should write or telephone these companies and ask if, or rather when, the Atari version of the game is coming out. It is no good sitting back and waiting for someone else to ask otherwise nothing will happen. If every PAGE 6 reader wrote or rang up, I am sure that more companies would be doing conversions. If you don't know where to write here are some suggestions.

Ocean Software, Ocean House, 6, Central Street, Manchester, M2 5NS. Tel. 061 832 6633. Games include Match Day, Daley Thompson, Miami Vice. 

Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd., Alpha House, 10, Carver Street, Sheffield, S1 4FS. Tel. 0742 753423. Games include Monty Mole and Jack The Nipper.

Elite Systems Ltd., Anchor House, Anchor Road, Aldridge, Walsall, W. Midlands. Tel. 0922 59165. Games include Ghosts and Goblins, Commando, Paperboy and Bombjack.

Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd., Melbourne House, 60, High Street, Hampton Wick, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KY1 4DB. Tel. 01 943 3911. Games include Exploding Fist, The Hobbit, Mugsy and Fist 2.

Imagine Software (1984) Ltd., Address the same as Ocean but omit Ocean House. Tel 061 834 3939. Games include Galvan, Green Beret and Yie Ar Kung Fu.

Design Design Software, 125, Smedley Road, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M8 7RS. Games include Nexor, Dark Star and Hall Of The Things.

All these companies have produced some great games, just think how much better they would be on an Atari! The Atari has the best graphics so we should have the best software but you don't get what you don't ask for.
All it will cost you to ask is a few pence.

Noel Wallace, 

Wandsworth, London

This letter arrived BEFORE John Davison's letter in the last issue was published so it seems that there are more Atari owners who feel strongly about this. Show how you feel by getting out that pen and paper or making a call. There is no excuse!



Dear Les,

My wife and I are compiling a family tree. As you can imagine we have accumulated a mass of information which is all in notebooks and on scraps of paper. To try and bring some order to it and present it in an easily accessible form we want to store it on disk. We are at present using Home Filing Manager but it is not really satisfactory. Once you have so much information it becomes difficult to present it in a way that makes it easy to follow through.

Is there a program available on disk either specifically for genealogy or a program more adaptable for this use?

Tony Barnes 

Lymington, Hants

The ANTIC CATALOG do a program called The Family Tree written by Harry Koons which may be available from your local retailer or Software Express in Birmingham. The program is limited to 6 generations but up to 24 generations can be stored on one disk. There is another program available in America by post only (we do have the details somewhere but could not find them in time for this issue!) and also a group specialising in genealogy. Try writing to Genealogical Computing, 5102 Pomeroy Dr., Farfax, VA 22032, U.S.A. and they may be able to provide further help. If any PAGE 6 readers have written programs for genealogy or can provide further information I would be interested to know.



Dear Les,

You may have noticed that there were three pleas for help on using the 1029 with Printshop in a recent Contact column. I think that there is more than enough interest to warrant the printing of an answer in the magazine. I am shortly going to purchase a 1029 printer and Printshop and want to be sure they work.

I will also be buying a word processor. Can you tell me if Superscript supports microspacing and if Paperclip has user definable keys?

Gareth Martin


The 1029 will not work with Printshop. I doubt whether a 1029 printer driver will ever be produced for it as the 1029 was never sold in the States and Printshop is a program with, primarily, a U.S. market. As regards word processing, I would firstly suggest that if you are interested in such refinements as microspacing, you get a much better printer than the 1029. Superscript does not support microspacing but Paperclip does providing your printer is capable of it. Paperclip does have user definable keys (macros) but they are not as powerful as Superscript.