Screen Dump

By John Morgan


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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The one you've waited for!

Many owners of the 1029 printer will have been disappointed by the lack of available screen dump programs. Although the manual gives some indication of how to use the bit-image graphics of the printer it is not easy, for beginners particularly, to make a great deal of sense from the limited detail given, so here, for all to use, is a 1029 screen dump utility.









The program is fairly well REMarked and screen prompted for ease of use and entry and has been error trapped and, more or less, fully debugged. The program as it stands requires BASIC and a disk drive but with a few minor alterations could equally well run from cassette. It allows loading of various screen save formats including Atari Artist, Magniprint, Graphics 7/8/15 and will print in four different sizes.

One drawback at present is that the pictures are printed sideways but that should not cause too many problems. The dump is quite fast for a printer of this type and will dump a screen roughly 112mm x 80mm in about 58 seconds. I hope to remedy the sideways printing and, if there is sufficient interest, hope to add extra features such as bit pattern setting, colour dumps and borders etc. I hope that you find the program useful as it is, but let me know (via PAGE 6) if you would like any improvements.

AtariLister - requires Java