The Orb Of Zaramier

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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48k Disk 9.95
48k Cassette 7.95

1 Player

The scenario for this game reads like a passage from `Lord Of The Rings'. Don't be deceived by the rather over imaginative script packaged with the game instructions, as ORB OF ZARRAMIER is a simple adventure game in arcade form with simple graphics to match.

You guide a small character through countless rooms, Shamus style, searching for the mystical orb which has been stolen by the Dark Lord. Gold, weapons, and other items can be collected along the way, but watch out for the Wraiths which guard some of the rooms. Pulsating barriers are a regular occurrence and these have to be negotiated properly in order to advance through the rooms.

Theoretically, it should be possible to go about your search in a logical manner. Drawing a map is advisable, as I tried to do things purely from memory and ended up running around in circles! Completing the ORB will probably be a long drawn out process but, like most adventures, you can save current gameplay to disk or tape and reload it again at a later date.

This is a difficult game to sum up. True adventurers will heap scorn on it's arcade-style play, whilst arcade lovers will probably find it too boring to even bother trying to complete it. A nice idea. but the graphics could have been much better considering the Atari's potential. To use a well-worn reviewer's cliche - 'Try before you buy'.