Quest For Eternity

Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 25

Jan/Feb 87

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Bug Byte
48k Cassette 2.99

1 Player

Another budget adventure from Bug Byte (text only this time). Like it's predecessor -'Cloak Of Death' - it is also written in Basic. This might put a lot of people off, but it's actually quite a good adventure of it's type even if the screen update is a little slow.

The scenario is as follows. You start out on a starship which doesn't seem to work too well. You must first get the ship operational and travel back and forth to various planets for much needed supplies and then try to find the teleporter booth which will transport you to the Chamber of Creation - Unfortunately, the teleporter booth is 2000 light years away on a slightly hostile planet.

The game accepts 99 verbs and 162 nouns and, although it isn't quite up to Level 9 standards, it seems complex enough to test your average adventurer. At Bug Byte's 'cheapo' prices it must be worth a bash at the very least?

FOOTNOTE: Bug Byte keep mentioning the 'Battlegrom on Vragus IV' in all their game scenarios. It doesn't seem to have any significance and I wish they'd give it a rest as it's beginning to get on my nerves!!!