Issue 26

Mar/Apr 87

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AUTOCHECK 4.0 (ISSUE 24): Due to an Editorial brainstorm towards the end of last year we printed the wrong version of AUTOCHECK 4.0 which contained a bug that meant that the screen was not updated properly. Apologies to Peter Franey and to all readers who were confused. The following lines should be added/substituted to the original listing.

1029 SCREEN DUMP (ISSUE 25): The program as it stands prints the screen in inverse (sometimes it doesn't!) and Darren Clarke of Nottingham has sent in the following fix. Substitute the following lines for those in the original listing.

RAMBIT REVIEW (ISSUE 24): Derryck Croker has advised that an upgraded version of the software mentioned (version VII) is now available which contains its own Operating System making transfer of multi-stage cassettes much easier. Only works on XL/XE models though.

SHOGI (ISSUE 25): Line 14030 got chopped in half somehow. The correct line is as follows.


Also, in the rush to get issue 25 out before Christmas, a couple of the Columns in the listings got transposed (my long standing paste-up nightmare!). Good job it doesn't matter which order you type the lines in! Apologies for any confusion.