Greedy Caterpillars

A two player game by Nigel Llewelyn


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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Greedy Caterpillars is a two player game in which you must race your opponent to eat as many apples in the maze as you can. By getting to the part of the maze where there are more apples before your opponent you can get a winning score. The player with the highest score after the chosen number of rounds is the winner.


DISK USERS should type in Listings 1 and 2 separately, check them with TYPO 3, and then SAVE them to disk. You can use any filename for the first listing but listing 2 must be saved as 'D:GREEDY2'. Running the first listing will then automatically run listing 2. There is no need for you to type in listing 3.

CASSETTE USERS should type in Listing 3 FIRST and, after checking it with TYPO 3, save it to tape using SAVE 'C:'. Leave the tape in position so that listings 1 & 2 can be saved immediately following listing 1. Listing 1 should then be typed in and CSAVED to tape immediately following listing 3. Leave the tape in position and type in listing 2 then CSAVE it immediately after listing 1. Rewind the tape and type RUN 'C:' and the program will load and run automatically.


You must firstly plug two joysticks in ports 1 and two of your computer and then run your version of the program as stated. After the first program has loaded you will be presented with a title screen as the second part of the program is loaded. When Billy and Benny, the two caterpillars, appear you may select the number of screens to play by using the OPTION key. Pressing START will begin play.

The object is to race your caterpillar round the maze to beat your opponent to the apples. Fifty apples will fall randomly into the maze and you will score points for each apple eaten. The points will increase on each screen. Once you have completed the selected number of screens the player with the highest score will be declared the winner.

That's all there is to it, but it is fun!

Listing One


AtariLister - requires Java

Listing Two

AtariLister - requires Java