Title Screen Contest Winners


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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From the amazingly small number of entries (I thought Atari owners were proud of writing programs?) the following winners were selected.

FIRST PRIZE of 75 and a Disk Subscription goes to D. Stuart of Maidstone whose program is on this month's disk.

SECOND PRIZE of 25 and a Disk Subscription went to Robert Gibbons for a super spinning disk which you will see on an Issue disk later.

THIRD PRIZE of 25 and a Disk Subscription went to Stephen Bloxley for a program that would have been ideal but used music from POKEY PLAYER which is, unfortunately, copyrighted elsewhere.

Finally, an honourable mention must be given to Steve Pedler who may have been among the prizewinners for a faithfully reproduced copy of our logo. Unfortunately for him we changed the logo from the last issue!

Thanks also to J.F. Howarth, Allan Palmer and Allan Pickett who submitted the only other entries!