Readers Awards 1986


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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A surprise awaited both Mark Hutchinson and Paul Lay at the recent Atari Show in London where we presented the trophies for the Readers Awards for 1986. Jim Short, unfortunately, couldn't make it from the far North (Bonny Scotland) so his award was sent through the post (I wonder if it has arrived yet!). Nobody knew who had won as issue 27 had not been published at the time so a couple of very surprised visitors to the Show were persuaded to step on the PAGE 6 stand for some piccies.

Mark Hutchinson accepts his award from Nicola ( Mark's the one on the left)


Paul Lay has just been announced as the winner of ANALOG magazine's $5000 ST programming contest! Congratulations Paul. Ain't that just dandy!


Paul Lay accepting his award said he would have shaved if he had known!






And so to the acceptance speeches. The following letter came from Paul Lay and the sentiments are, I am sure, echoed by our other two winners who also asked for their thanks to be passed on to the readers.

"My deepest thanks to all those readers who voted for Munchy Madness in the Readers Poll. I hope that everyone had as much fun playing the game as I had writing it! It really was great to receive the award and know that people do appreciate all the work that goes into a program like Munchy Madness. The awards are an excellent idea, and being lucky enough to receive one makes all the hard work seem so worthwhile."

Who will be the winners next year? Will it be YOU? Only if you send in that program or article you have thought about writing. Share it!