A re-review by Alan Goldsbro


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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In the last issue I reviewed EZCalc the spreadsheet package from Royal Software. Now Robtek have acquired the distribution rights for Europe and renamed it EAZY-CALC. To their credit they have also reduced the price to 49.95 and have included a graph program as part of the package.

The program was not without its faults and this was consequently reflected in my review. My main concern was that the program didn't really match up to its name, and I still feel that this is partly true. The other area I highlighted was the inability to 'convert' VIP/Lotus 1-2-3 files files to EZCalc format correctly. This seems to have been remedied but still it could not convert templates 100% correctly. I had to make some small adjustments to the conversion but this is probably a small price to pay for what is generally a good facility.

With the graph program, Robtek have done themselves proud. EZGraph sits in memory as an accessory and can be pulled down at any time to take up half of the screen as a default, but, like any other window, it can be sized to suit your own requirements. Bar and Line graphs, each with four variations, single, stacked, overlay and compare coupled with a Pie chart make up this impressive accessory. Labels can be dragged from the spreadsheet to the graph to make up your titles. Cells can either be dragged individually or whole ranges ported at one go. Up to four full sets of data can be displayed on the graph resulting in a highly visual and pleasing display.

Graphs can be saved to disk and the retrieval time for 'saved' graphs was almost instant. Printing the graphs does not provide any problems providing you have an Epson compatible printer. Quality dumps without any significant distortion were produced in under two minutes.

Everything taken into account, the graphing program from EZCalc really is worthy of the title easy, although most of my earlier comments regarding the spreadsheet still apply. On reflection, what was a program destined to collect dust on many suppliers shelves, could now be a good buy.