Reviewed by Jim Short


Issue 28

Jul/Aug 87

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Digital Integration

XL/XE only

64k disk £14.95
64k cassette £9.95
1 Player




New trends fade almost as fast as they are introduced, but flight simulators seem to be as popular as ever. This one from Digital Integration is, in effect, an Atari follow-up to their previous smash hit, Fighter Pilot. This time out it's based around a helicopter rather than a jet fighter, the chopper in question being the U.S. Army AH-64A Apache.


TOMAHAWK appears to be an enhanced version of it's predecessor. The graphic display is virtually identical and the screen view and accompanying instrument panel will be familiar to all Fighter Pilot fans. There are various improvements here and there, of course –and no fiddly 'Lenslock' to contend with either!

All the usual flight options have been retained, but TOMAHAWK is a much more complicated beast than it's Fighter Pilot counterpart and more keyboard controls are required to operate it. This shouldn't cause any headaches for flight addicts though.

The in-flight graphics have been spruced up no end and the game boasts over 7000 ground features which are mainly in 3-D, and the geometrical shapes have a certain feeling of depth to them rather than the usual vague outlines often found in this type of game. D.I.'s 3-D 'real world' display includes landing pads, buildings, trees, transmission pylons, mountains, enemy tanks, field guns and helicopters, so there's plenty to get excited about.

TOMAHAWK is a genuine luxury product with all the trimmings. If you're into flight simulators, don't miss it!!