Reviewed by John Davison jnr


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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TNT is the latest release from the French company Infogrames and is possibly their most impressive yet. Those of you who have played 'Commando' or 'Ikari Warriors' in the arcades or on other micros will probably feel at home with 'TNT' as it's a sort of cross between the two.

My copy was a pre-release version so I didn't get any documentation, and therefore I'm not sure what the ultimate aim of the game is, however your primary task would appear to be to shoot, knife or grenade anybody who moves! Upon loading the game you are greeted by a reasonable picture of a soldier with the game logo. Accompanying this picture is a very good piece of music, in fact it is some of the best I've heard so far on the ST. The French composer, Charles Callet would appear to be perfectly capable of equalling anything which either Rob Hubbard or David Whittaker have
produced and these are two of Britain's foremost computer musicians!

You move onto the first game screen, a very pretty swamp, drawn in some nice pastel shades. The swamp water appears to move slightly around the reeds, and then a large helicopter flies in from the bottom of the screen, dropping a lone soldier and then flying off. This lone soldier happens to be you! Selecting a machine gun using F you move on into the jungle, and suddenly enemy soldiers start running towards you from all sides shooting and lobbing grenades. You mow down a few with your trusty machine gun and then finish off a small group with a well aimed grenade. Continuing on you come across many more soldiers until eventually you reach the end of the swamp. The helicopter then picks you up and takes you to level two. The next level loads in revealing a jungle in the middle of the night along with another very good piece of music. In all there are four levels, each graphically more impressive than the previous one, and each level having it's own exceptional piece of music before you begin.

In the final version you will have five weapons, a machine gun, a rifle, grenades, a knife, and a flame thrower. You can only carry a limited amount of ammunition and grenades, so you must use your weapons carefully. The flame thrower can be used only once per level, however it was not implemented on my copy. I understand that on the production version it will act as a form of 'smart bomb', frying all of the enemy soldiers that are on the screen at that particular time.

The sprites in TNT are more 'in proportion' than those in other games of this type. Each soldier can be seen carrying his weapon and wearing camouflage gear, with a back pack and beret. My only complaint about the game is that the sprites sometimes flicker a bit.

The scrolling is superb, because whereas most scrolling games at the moment only scroll a relatively small proportion of the screen, TNT manages to scroll the full screen extremely smoothly. When I see scrolling of this quality it sometimes makes me wonder what other software companies must be doing!

TNT, looks, plays and sounds superb and I expect that the finished version with the simultaneous two player option should be even better. By the time you read this it will probably be out, so save your pennies!