Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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MJDBASE (ISSUE 29): Reader Eric Chapman has suggested the following amendment to this program. As new records are entered, the index is re-sorted on each entry which means that the program slows considerably when there are several hundred records. The following changes will mean that the index is only re-sorted when you exit New Record mode. Change the following lines:

10600 Replace the RETURN at the end with GOTO 29200

DESIGNER LABELS (ISSUE 26): The article states Epson Compatible Printer required but what wasn't clear at the time was that whilst it would run on an Epson 'compatible' it doesn't actually run on an Epson! Quite a few lines need to be changed as follows

AtariLister - requires Java

You may also need to change one of the dip switches in the printer to activate the Graphics character set. Unfortunately, different models have different settings so you will have to refer to your manual.



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