Reviewed by Paul Rixon


Issue 30

Nov/Dec 87

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Cassette 1.99
1 player
1 joystick




If there's an award going for worst Atari 8-bit game of 1987, FRENESIS is certain to clinch the title no sweat! Graphics are diabolical, sound isn't up to much either and as for the game itself...

The screen view is largely blank, apart from so-called aliens disguised as blobs appearing from the perimeter of the playfield and closing in towards a large cross. Your task is to prevent them from ever reaching their destinations by careful manipulation of a tooth edged line called a Straton. Vertical or horizontal movement of the Straton is achieved by an appropriate push on the joystick, and if an alien is hit by the toothed edge of the Straton it disappears. Selected aliens require multiple zapping and 'Mega annihilating smart bombs' are also available, if you can be bothered to use them.

That's all there is to it. Forty levels of utter boredom hardly a frenetic experience by any twist of the imagination! FRENESIS was 'programmed' by Tony Takoushi, well known arcade games fanatic to readers of a certain computer publication. If this is his idea of a joke then I'm definitely not amused! If it's not, I would respectfully advise him to practice his talents on the Oric Atmos or unexpanded Vic 20.

Without a shadow of doubt it's Mastertronic's most unappealing release to date, and a step in the wrong direction for the budget pioneers. Highly unrecommended!