Big Atari 8-Bit Demo


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Inspired by the best demos on the ST the High Tech Team from Holland set out to show that the 8-bit Atari could produce the same effects, the result ... THE BIG DEMO.


TWO separate music demos featuring interpretations of the music from a dozen top Atari games


THREE great graphics demos that include lots of scrolling messages, bouncing effects, sine waves, rainbow effects and more all with great music


The world record scroll for any Atari machine - over 60Kb of scrolling message that takes 3 hours to read!


Over half a dozen sampled voices and instruments that show you that top quality samples sound is not the exclusive preserve of the ST


Quite simply the most astonishing digitised music ever heard on an Atari 8 bit computer! Two great sampled and cleverly editted tunes that play on forever. You won't believe your ears!

All this on one GREAT disk for just 3.95. Available exclusively from PAGE 6.

The BIG DEMO is a double sided disk in enhanced density and will only run on a XL/XE with 1050 drive or a drive that can read enhanced density

WARNING: Some of the scrolling messages on this disk contain words that some people might object to and the disk should not be considered suitable for young children