by Stephen A. Firth


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A superb new arcade game which will prove a challenge to even the most seasoned player. Control the bounce of a ball to jump onto various platforms and find the exit, picking up points on the way. Sounds easy? What if some of the blocks disappear after the first bounce? What if some of the blocks are uni-directional bouncing you back the way you came? What if some blocks have to be used as lifts to reach inaccessible areas? Add to all that reverse control on some screens and 32 levels of increasing difficulty and you have a game that will challenge you to the limit. If you do manage to beat all 32 levels then the fun only just begins for there is a level editor to enable you to create whole new games of your own.
  • Smooth horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Excellent music
  • One or two players
  • Access to any level already completed after every 4 levels
  • Level editor to design your own games

(c) 1992, 1993 Electrovision Programming/Stephen A. Firth