Under Starters Orders

by Barry Challis



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A great racing game for all the family

  • Computer betting for 1 - 4 players
  • Full colour animated race graphics
  • Save game facility
  • 7 races per meeting
  • Name you own horses
  • Photo finish and more

You'll be jumping out of your seat
with excitement!



LOADING: With your computer switched off, place the tape in your cassette and depress the PLAY button. Switch on the computer whilst holding the START button (do NOT hold the OPTION button). UNDER STARTERS ORDERS will load and run. If you have any problems try winding the tape forward by hand so that the join of the leader and tape is just showing. A second copy of the program is recorded on side B.

A joystick is required in port 1 and a printer is optional


Under Starters Orders is a flat racing game covering 34 meetings with seven races per meeting. At the start of the game all horses have an equal chance of winning at a starting price of 5/1 but after the first meeting, the starting price reflects the horses performance in previous races. Alternatively you have the option to create form at the start of each game.

There are extensive features in the game including

  • Computer betting for 1 - 4 players
  • Save game facility
  • 34 Flat meetings at all the major courses
  • 1/2/3 form shown for current distances
  • Home betting alternative
  • Name your own horses
  • Full colour animated race graphics
  • Multiple betting
  • 7 races per meeting
  • Joystick controlled
  • Print your own betting slips
  • Photo finish


Load the tape as indicated above. When the opening options screen appears use the START key to select COMPUTER BET ON or OFF and then press the fire button. If you select COMP.BET then you will be asked how many players (up to 4). Use a joystick in port 1 to select the type of bet from Single, Double or Treble by moving the stick right or left. Press the trigger to select. Next move the joystick left or right to select the amount you wish to bet. Pressing the fire button registers your bet but if you want to bet the course maximum of 25 just leave the amount on 0 and press the trigger.

Next use the joystick up or down to choose your horse for the first race. The previous wins of each horse are shown to the right of the horses name and as you move the joystick the second and third places of the highlighted horse are shown. When all players have entered their bets, the race begins.

If you did not select COMP.BET the computer will print the runners as usual but will run up and down the field automatically showing each runners form. When you are ready to race press the fire button.


The race proper will show five horses from top to bottom with the names of each and the bets placed at the top of the screen. In the top right hand corner of the race screen the letters CF will show a computer form analysis and tips who should win the race. Study of this will give some indication of form and how it affects horses and will also take into account other factors unknown to the punter. Unfortunately favourites don't always win! The other label 'POST' shows the distance left to the finishing post.


The option of saving your current game is offered at the end of every meeting. Games should be saved on separate tapes The current horse database is saved automatically when you save a game.


The program has a database of 78 horses and the details of each horse on the redefinable database can be altered and saved. Just press SELECT on the main title page for the Editor. There are 78 horses the database and on selecting the Editor you will be asked which horse you wish to edit, just enter the number and type the new name. Use the arrow keys (without the CONTROL key) to choose the colour of that horse. You can change all of the horses if you wish or just a few. Return will allow you to exit the editor.

That's about it. Play Under Starters Orders with a few friends and we guarantee that it will having you leaping about and cheering as your horse crosses the line! This is one of the best multiple player games we have ever featured in Page 6 (it is also playable by 1 player) and will give you hours of play.