DS#59 - The Digital Editor



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An excellent desk top publishing type program that will give you some superb single page printouts if you are willing to work at it! The disk comes from Germany and is not well documented but is fairly easy to use. The Digital Editor creates individual pages which can contain text and pictures in many different sizes. A utility is included to 'clip' sections from standard 62 sector picture files into 'photos' which can then be placed anywhere on the page. Add text in a variety of sizes and you have a neat full page of text and graphics - desk top publishing on the 8-bit! The main program lets you OUTPUT TO THE 1029 PRINTER but other utilities have been included to allow printouts on Epson compatible printers. The Digital Editor is not the ultimate answer to DTP on the XL/XE but is a excellent program to allow you to use your system more creatively, especially if you have a 1029 printer.

Boot Side A with Basic

Boot Side B and use Menu to read README.DOC