DS#72 - Futura 1



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The very first issue of a new disk based newsletter from the North of Scotland Atari Users Group that will not get dated due to the excellence of the programs included. There are several text files including an overview of the Diamond GOS system and many great PD programs. Included are the word processor SPEEDSCRIPT, an extremely well produced Spindizzy type game called CYRTABOR in which you control a spinning top on a 3D tiled playfield to collect bonuses etc. Excellent graphics and challenging play. There is a font designer program, the long disappeared version of TABLE FOOTBALL mentioned in the Football Crazy article in issue 58, an amusing interlude on COWS and BOMBJACK, a neat platforms game that has your man jumping and catching bombs, a good one for the kids this. But that's not all! On the other side of the disk you will find, along with the text files, a disk duplicator called MYCOPYR which is ideal for 1050 drives and XE's, a Simon variant called LET'S HOP, an excellent vertical scrolling game where you bounce a ball on tiles while trying to avoid a miss which will send you plummeting to the depths below. An excellent disk, great value, and showing what can be done by a dedicated User Group.

Double sided - boot each side with Basic