DS#110 - Art Shop



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Calling all Print Shop users! Three great utilities plus a small selection of graphics and borders make this an indispensable companion to Print Shop. The first program is ART SHOP which allows you to extend Screen Magic files to other formats by converting to Micro Painter format and back allowing captions to be added to Micro Painter pictures using Print Shop amongst several other options. Other utilities are included allowing you to delete Print Shop graphic files, format a Print Shop disk, list a Print Shop directory and rename files. BRODBUND is a simple program that will allow you to make a backup copy of your original Print Shop disk, a must now that the program is almost impossible to obtain. PSU is a set of useful utilities to use with Print Shop or standard disks. Directory will list out the contents of all PS disks showing graphics, borders, fonts etc. as well as standard DOS disks. Copy File allows PS files to be transferred between disks, either PS to PS, PS to DOS or DOS to PS. Rename, Delete and Format are fairly obvious utilities for use on PS disks. Finally Print allows to to print out up to 80 graphics with filenames on Epson compatibles. Lots of documentation on the disk including a full description of the disk format used by Print Shop.


Boot WITH Basic