#19 - Mind Games


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For those who fancy a break from the joystick or who are not fast enough for all the action! Games to make you think including a couple of classic board games. Most of the games are easy to pick up however, providing you know the rules of the original game or sport! MONOPOLY is the the classic board game on the computer. With POWERHOUS you can manage American football teams through several seasons' play. CRYPTO will have you solving cryptograms but be warned, it is hard! STARTREK is a lengthy simulation of a space battle. BACKGAMM is a great version of the board game backgammon which you can play for hours if you get hooked. ABCSPORTS is another simulation in which you can try to run your own TV station! These are all mainly very long programs!

Autoboot with BASIC. System Reset will reboot. Hold trigger or key to re-boot to menu. To LIST programs, LOAD "D:filename" and delete line 0 before running.