#51 - Wheel of Fortune


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A game of fun for two or three players which is based on a well known American TV program. This is a very large program that has several data files and consequently takes up most of the disk. If you enjoy playing with a friend or friends you will find it good value as a game can take several hours to play. WHEEL OF FORTUNE Is basically a word guessing game in which a well known phrase or set of words has to be guessed by spinning the wheel and choosing letters. Every spin of the wheel can build up the players winning to several thousand dollars and it is a gamble all the way through whether to spin again, buy some letters or chance the solution. Whoever gets the word gets the pot for that round and the other players lose whatever they have !n the bank it could be thousands! The game is a fairly simple concept but is wildly popular in the States because is has the right elements of risk, skill and tension making It an Ideal two or three player game. There will be howls of anguish and shouts of joy as you win or lose a fortune on the spin of the wheel or a guess of a letter. The disk is rounded of by another two player game called BARRIER which is on the well known angle worms theme but with a slight difference. There was only room for one extra program on the disk!

Autoboot with BASIC. System reset will re-boot. Hold trigger or key after pressing Reset to boot direct to menu.